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Dear Visitor…

We are delighted that you took the time to visit the website of Collanmore Island Lodge, where the laid-back ambience, modern conveniences and little luxuries make it Ireland’s ultimate island destination.

This document will hopefully answer any questions or queries you might have as you consider an enjoyable stay on the Island. Please take time to view the video for information about transfers, arrival and stay on the island.




How do we get to Collanmore Island?

We use high speed rib boats to transport all our guests to and from the Island. Normal ferry times are 4pm on arrival and 10.30am on departure. Your group will be met by your private high-speed rib transfer at the Rosmoney Pier. Google “Collanmore Island Lodge” for directions. Please bring all your luggage and supplies to the pontoon, which is located just off the pier. Your transfer will be split into two groups; the first group of 10 people (or half the group size) needs to be on Rosmoney Pier 15 minutes prior to your departure time at 4.00pm sharp. The second group should not arrive until after 4.00pm for the 4:30pm departure. Please wear appropriate footwear for the rib transfer; heels and boots are not permitted. All passengers must wear a mask and have their temperature taken before stepping on board.

Return ferry trip: €20



What if I am late for my rib transfer?

Your transfer will leave at the times specified. If an extra transfer for late comers is required, a fee of €100 for up to 6 people is payable before departure. Additional transfers are not guaranteed so please ensure your group is aware that a late arrival could jeopardise their stay on the island. Extra transfers are payable in advance and cost €80 for one person, for up to 6 people.



What is the departure time?

Departure time of 10.30am sharp.



Is there free, safe car parking on the Pier?

Yes there is enough free parking on Rosmoney Pier.



What should we bring for our stay at the Lodge?

We recommend you bring the following items with you for your stay:

  • Personal towels for bathroom and swimming
  • Wood fuel for the stove or outdoor fire pit if you plan to use them
  • Extra blankets if you would like to use the outdoor bar area
  • Fairy lights if you wish to use the outdoor area in the evening
  • All your food and beverages including salt & pepper, all you need for your stay
  • Large, disposable BBQs if you wish to use them


Our staff will facilitate the transfer of your luggage from the rib boat to the Lodge. Please ensure your luggage is well packed and in robust bags to avoid breakage.



We have a lot of gear, will the boat take it all?

Yes the boat will take all your bags, food and drinks (no glass beer/cider bottles please). Please pack all your needs in strong bags (no paper bags).



How many bathrooms does the Lodge have?

There are 3 bathrooms, two en-suite and one main bathroom. A shower is also available in the hot tub area.



Can I bring a keg?

Yes you can bring a keg. A service fee of €100 will be applied to arrange cleaning of the lines and gas. This must be booked a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event. We have just one line for Guinness.



Are there wine/pint glasses?

Yes some wine and pint glasses are available.



How many beds are there?

We have 4 family rooms, one with 4 double pods style beds, (please see attached video) room 2has 2 doubles, room 3 has 2 doubles, room 4 has 2 doubles and 2 singles.



Are pets allowed on the island?

No, pets are not allowed.



Is linen provided?

Yes, fresh linen and duvets are provided at the Lodge.



Are towels provided?

No, towels are not provided, however we will have small hand towels in the bathrooms. You will need to bring your own personal towel for the activities and the bathroom.



Can you smoke in the Lodge?

No, smoking is not permitted within the Lodge.



Is there a washing machine at the lodge?

No, the Lodge does not provide a washing machine or dryer service.



Is a cot available for babies/toddlers?

Yes, we can arrange a cot, please ask us in advance.



How big is the fridge, is there a freezer?

There are 2 fridges; one is a full-length fridge and the other a fridge/freezer.



What activities are available?

  • Sea kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding: €60pp for 2 hours. All equipment is provided including wet suits. Please bring a towel.
  • Talk to us to create your very own tailored adventure package.
  • Night-time entertainment: your choice of fully-organised entertainment options including traditional Irish band (€400 for 2 hours), murder mystery event (€600 for 2 hours) or sumptuous Chinese buffet (€15pp for a main and side). The return ferry into Westport is €25pp and is arranged in daylight hours and is weather permitting.



What time are the activities scheduled?

The activities are normally at 11am.



Do you provide wet suits?

Yes wet suits are provided. We provide all you need to take part in the activities.



Is there a minimum number for adventure activities?

Yes the minimum number is 10.



Are there age restrictions for activities?

Children must be over the age of 6 to participate in adventure activities.



Are fireworks allowed on the Island?

No, fireworks are not permitted as they can be mistaken for distress signal.



Can we bring bikes?

The island is not suitable for bike riding so bikes are not recommended.



Who should I call in an emergency?

In the event of a serious incident, please contact us straight away. You should also contact the Coast Guard Helicopter in the event of a medical emergency.




Collanmore Island Lodge is steadfastly committed to ensuring the safety of our guests and staff and we pride ourselves on our premier standard of cleanliness and hygiene. That’s why we have taken extra steps as recommended by the HSE and WHO to protect against the transmission of the COVID-19.
Our COVID-19 policy ensures that:

  • Our team is comprehensively trained in the HSE and WHO requirements
  • Social distancing is maintained between guests and staff at all times
  • Regardless of how mild the symptoms no team member will present to work if ill
  • Information posters in public areas to remind of the need for good hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
  • Extra and frequent cleaning of public and high traffic areas with products recommended by the HSE and WHO to kill the virus

Our team will ensure that each bedroom room will be deep cleaned on guest check out, with touch points, door handles and doors disinfected with appropriate cleaning agents and linen and towels washed with anti-bacterial cleaning agents.


All public areas will be deep cleaned daily.



What we ask of you

During your stay at Collanmore Island Lodge we ask that you:

  • Email a list of all guest names and their contacts to ciaran@collanmoreislandlodge.com 2 days before your arrival
  • Maintain social distancing with our staff
  • Participate in a temperature check on arrival and departure
  • Bring your own personal supply of hand sanitiser and a mask
  • Wear your face mask throughout your rib transfer to and from the island
  • Maintain good hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
  • Take all supplies with you when you leave
  • Do not use the hot tub as per guidelines in relation to hot water recreational equipment due to COVID-19
  • Inform our team if you feel unwell or develop symptoms of COVID-19
  • Use the cleaning products available on site


Further information about COVID-19 and what you can do to protect yourself is available at the HSE website at www2.hse.ie/coronavirus

COVID-19 Safety Charter?



What is the COVID-19 Safety Charter?

The COVID-19 Safety Charter tells you that a business is following the necessary safety guidelines so you can relax on a special staycation. When you see the Charter’s reassuring green and white Safety Charter symbol, know that every single employee in the business has passed the COVID-19 Safety & Hygiene Control Training and is working hard to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.



What does a business have to do to receive the charter?

To earn the Charter, staff must have a good understanding of infection control and take strict hygiene measures. Tourism businesses that have successfully completed COVID-19 Safety & Hygiene Control Training are subject to spot checks.

From the friendly receptionist at the front desk to the head chef, every staff member is following key safety guidelines so that you can enjoy yourself with confidence.



Where can you see the charter?

Businesses with the Charter display the symbol on their official websites and in their front windows. You can check out a detailed version of the COVID-19 Safety Charter here.

While the Charter puts your safety first, it’s worth remembering what you can do when you head on a trip.



Staying safe on your break in Ireland

On a day out or a weekend break away, take the recommended government measures to keep safe. Remember to wash your hands regularly and pop some hand sanitiser in your bag.


Social distancing is important, keep a space of two metres between yourself and others where possible, wear face coverings on public transport and in shops, and avoid close contact including shaking hands and hugs.


If you sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or your sleeve. Check out the HSE Guidelines which are updated regularly.


It’s important to follow these steps but now that you can travel again, don’t be afraid to return to your favourite holiday spots or discover new places in Dublin.



All communications should be carried our using WhatsApp, which can be downloaded to your phone via Google Play.


Please contact Ciaran: +353 86 251 8252 – with any queries or concerns.


We are really looking forward to meeting you all and know you will all relax and enjoy everything at Collanmore Island Lodge and all it has to offer for a truly memorable experience.

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